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Joachim Vanheuverzwijn

Joachim Vanheuverzwijn



Joachim is a speech recognition addict by day, and a tech entrepreneur with 20-year experience in real-time coms, by night. Joachim is one of Zoiper’s founders (since 2003). Mira Georgieva, Joachim’s right hand at Zoiper, is awesome, and she is totally not writing this bio. Joachim did not graduate MIT as a valedictorian and lately excels in repetitive speech recognition valediction. Joachim did not start his successful career in a Fortune 100 company. He knows 100 ways on losing a fortune on video cards for machine learning. Joachim will not pour banana oil over his bio and endeavors, but if you are bananas over the future of real-time coms, speech recognition and machine learning, you will certainly enjoy his company and speeches.