• Hello, CommCon! — by Dan Jenkins

    Welcome and introduction to CommCon 2021 Virtual.

  • WHIP, NDI and Janus: genesis of a broadcasting demo — by Lorenzo Miniero

    WHIP is an exciting new way to use WebRTC for broadcasting ingest. It won't be of much help until it's integrated in widespread broadcasting tools, though. This talk will share some info on how to use OBS to produce media, and use NDI to feed a WHIP client to broadcast it online via Janus/WebRTC.

  • Matrix 101 — by Thibault Martin

    Matrix is an open protocol, often used for instant messaging. Its federated nature means there needs to be proper safeguards to make sure it remains a friendly and welcoming place.

    Come learn the basics of Matrix for Instant Messaging, how some open communities are using it, and how you too can!

  • Writing a new open source webRTC stack in a week. — by Tim Panton

    As part of an IETF hackathon I decided to see if I could build a new open source WebRTC implementation.

    WebRTC is just a pile of pre-existing protocols, all of which have multiple existing open source implementations.

    I'd just glue them together, right?

    How hard could it be?

  • Callable the journey to CPaaS Autonomy — by Darren Cubitt, Antony Jukes

    Two years ago, made a decision to move from a commercial CPaaS to an in-house system, based on jambonz. We will discuss our experiences and lessons learned along this journey, as well as showing you some of the more interesting and novel aspects of the solution we were able to create.

  • Deal with legacy, the ugly way — by Jöran Vinzens

    For some parts of our setup we stuck with asterisk 11. It is out so Security Fixes for far too long, it uses Libs far too old. How can we get this into modern Hardware, modern Kernel, modern Security? We found a way....

  • Platinum Sponsor: Daily — by Varun Singh, Kwindla Kramer

    Presenting Daily, one of our platinum sponsors.

  • Looking for love in all the wrong places -- why your OSS License won't save you — by Dave Horton

    Do you find it strange that that we have been rehashing the same issues, over and over, endlessly -- what license should I choose? What business model is right for me? We will look at the fields of political economy and evolutionary biology for inspiration on creating vibrant OSS communities.




  • Using Elixir for complex, real-time telephony processing: some lessons learnt — by Lorenzo Emilitri

    Elixir is a language based on Erlang/OTP, a platform designed to support real-time distribuited telephony applications with zero downtime. It sounds like a perfect match for a real-time event processing application based on telephony data received from MS Teams. Or is it? Let's find out.

  • SIP3: New generation of VoIP monitoring — by Oleg Agafonov

    This presentation is going to be a SIP3 Features Overview and Usage Guide. Despite on the SIP3 focus the presentation will be built around common practices and modern approaches you should follow to build the most efficient RTC monitoring and troubleshooting platform.

  • Lightning Talks — by CommCon

    Lightning talks are your opportunity to talk about something you feel passionately about. Maybe you didn't know about our CFP or maybe you didn't think you could talk about that "thing" for 30 minutes. This is your chance to get up and talk for 5 minutes on that "thing". Whether you're a seasoned speaker or a first timer; you're welcome! Submit your session to [email protected] or talk to us in #lightning-talks on Matrix.

  • Platinum Sponsor: Element — by Rick Lewis

    Presenting Element, one of our platinum sponsors.

  • WebRTC Troubleshooting for Humans with cLoki & Clickhouse — by Lorenzo Mangani

    The WebRTC ecosystem deserves a proper troubleshooting swiss-army tool designed to slice and dice data at the pace of modern real-time communications without requiring a data science background or an army of consultants. Let's make that happen with the power of cLoki and Clickhouse!

  • Your state is my state and my state is your state: a tale of WebRTC chat history and shared P2P state — by Christian Stuff

    When adding text chat history to Daily Prebuilt, an embeddable WebRTC video chat interface, we needed to avoid storing and maintaining potentially sensitive user data. In this talk, we’ll share patterns for solving shared non-persistent P2P state across thousands of clients via network packets.

  • Subspace Deep Dive — by William King

  • Drinks! — by CommCon

    Let's get together for a drink or two... virtually! We're not really sure the format this will take yet, but we'll get together somewhere for a drink - whether that's a cup of tea, coffee, energy drink or a whiskey or two. Whatever your timezone, come join us and have a drink... or three!