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The dark arts of debugging WebRTC calls

Debugging WebRTC call issues seems like a dark art. Everyone experiences video call issues, but few people can pinpoint what causes them. With dozens to thousands of call participants distributed across different geographies, environments, machines, and platforms, the range of possible reported issues is infinitely complex and varied. Whether you are a developer integrating real-time video experiences in your product or a user who simply wants to join video calls without interruptions - what are the things to think about & what can you do about them?

At Daily, we have actively debugged 1000s of call issues. We have learned that a small number of constraints are responsible for the majority of user frustrations.

In this talk, we'll play with a video call. We'll deteriorate a call on purpose. We will recreate some of the common issues users experience every day, understand why they happen and how they manifest themselves in WebRTC metrics.

Hopefully, this talk will give the casual video call user some things to try and the video developer tools to debug these common issues.