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Deep dive into a Geek Speak Protocol

The gap between “know what you are talking about” and being able to communicate that knowledge and experience to ‘normal’ people with power and clarity is massive!

And yet so many Geeks fall short in this crucial ability, which is so important for many areas of work, including job interviews, sales and presentations and attracting funding for projects.

David Duffett has distilled the task of delivering powerful and captivating presentations into 7 Protocols that any Geek can follow to get great results. Those Protocols are:

Purpose, Plan, Prepare, Practise, Participation, Presentation and Post-Event (there is also a MAGIC FACTOR that runs through all 7 Protocols)

Attend this presentation for a deep dive into one of the above Protocols and receive ‘take home’ advice you can work with immediately. Which Protocol will we examine? You’ll have to attend to find out!