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SentryPeer - A distributed peer to peer list of bad IP addresses and phone numbers collected via a SIP Honeypot.

SentryPeer is a fraud detection tool. It lets bad actors try to make phone calls and saves the IP address they came from and number they tried to call. Those details are then used to block them at the service providers network and the next time a user/customer tries to call a collected number, it's blocked.

Traditionally this data is shipped to a central place, so you don't own the data you've collected. This project is all about Peer to Peer sharing of that data. The user owning the data and various Service Provider / Network Provider related feeds of the data is the key bit for me. I'm sick of all the services out there that keep it and sell it. If you've collected it, you should have the choice to keep it and/or opt in to share it with other SentryPeer community members via p2p methods.

The sharing only get other users' data if you share yours. That's the key. It could be used (the sharing of data logic/feature) in many projects too if I get it right :-)